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Adloph Asleson, Mark's grandfather, acquired Daylight Hardware in 1937, situated at 102 West Main Street, where it flourished until 1966. A nearby fire in the adjacent bank compromised the structural integrity of the building, prompting Shultz Brothers department store to express interest in purchasing Daylight Hardware. In response, the hardware store relocated to 154 W. Main, with Richard Asleson, Mark's father, assuming management.

In 1997, recognizing the burgeoning growth of Stoughton, we made the strategic decision to relocate the store, ultimately acquiring the property at 1450 Highway 51. The new store opened its doors in 1998, welcoming Mark Asleson into the family business. Since then, we have taken great pride in our unwavering support of the Stoughton Community and its neighboring townships.

Our commitment extends beyond mere commerce; we have actively contributed to various causes, including support for first responders, veterans, local clubs, and community organizations. As stewards of our community, we remain dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity for all.

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